About Trapani's

Two, Three or Four Wheels  from Street to Dirt Bikes, We can fix it.

Trapani's was established in 1991 by George Trapani.  He started racing off road at an early age and then became involved with a family owned business in 1979 Country Cycle Center.  Now, with 40 years of experience, George Trapani knows what things can prevent you from missing a great weekend of riding or racing. Over the years Trapani's has been stocking those hard to find parts that prevent you from doing just that, RIDING! At Trapani's you can find parts like Pistons, Gaskets, Seals, Chains, Sprockets, Bearings, Cables and always the Best Tire Prices. Don't miss another day without riding. Trapani's has what you are looking for and Trapani's is the only shop you can count on for all those parts and the right answers.  

Fuel prices has everyone uncovering those old street bikes with no shops giving you the time of day, Not at Trapani's. We work on all year bikes, most shop will only work on bikes 10 to 15 years old due to an younger inexperienced crew, If your bike has a part that is discontinued, we will try our best to make it or make it work. At Trapani's you will only find experienced mechanics to help and assist you.

Stop by today to see our HUGE selection of parts and accessories OEM and aftermarket-IN STOCK!