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Get Free Pro Taper Grips!

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Bike Service!


Harley Davidson

Sportster                 $179.99

Cruiser & Touring          $199.99


Metric Bikes

Smaller CC Bikes            $179.99

Sport                $199.99 - 249.99

Cruisers                   $199.99

Plus Parts & Taxes









Complete Servicing for All Bikes


Engine Oil & Filter Change Only 45.00

Plus Parts & Taxes



4 Stroke Engine Service Specials.


MX Valves Checked as Low as $45.00


Complete Top End Servicing



2 or 4 Stroke Bottom End Rebuilding



 Don't Start Your Next Season Looking Like This.





Trapani's Sells Only Quality Tires at the Best Prices.



Stop believing there's great deals on mail ordered tires.

When you get tires super cheap on line, there either Old are Blemishes, Yes Blemishes!

You can't always see the blemishes, but our high speed balancer tells the truth.

Customer don't like a ton of ugly weights on their nice rims,

but that's what it takes to balance some of those mail ordered tires.

And if it's not a balancing issue, just read the dates on some of those tires.

We have seen tires as old as five years!

So compare Apples to Apples when pricing your tires.




No-MAR Tire Changer for those delicate wheels.


Trapani's Tire Servicing Starts as Low as $15.00

High Speed Balancing

No Need to Worry About Scratched or Unbalanced  Wheels.

Trapani's Uses Only Top Quality Equipment.

Trapani's Will Always Give You The Best Tire Prices for Street or Dirt!

We carry all top brand Tires with No mail order blemishes.


We would like to Thank you for Supporting us at Trapaniís.

We know there is a ton of Online Shopping out there these days and it seems like there are some really great deals, but thatís not doing us or any other local dealers any good. We here at Trapaniís encourage you to ask your local Dealers after pricing that on line deal before you buy. 90% of our every day Street Tires are always mounted Free! If you add the cost of mounting your on line tire, you end up waiting and paying more. We can beat on line tire prices because they can't mount them for you.

There have been a lot of dealers that have closed in the last few years due to our economy and online shopping.

So we thank you for the support.


Trapaniís Since 1979